Global Classroom: “Equality & Diversity in Human Rights”

We are very pleased to announce that this year, in the summer semester of 2022, the Europa-Insitut and the SEE|EU Cluster of Excellence in European and International Law will be offering its first Online Global Classroom lecture with the topic “Equality and Diversity in Human Rights”.

The corona pandemic has posed unprecedented challenges for universities in Europe and worldwide, mobility in the usual form was and is not possible and maintaining international partnerships has been made much more difficult. At the same time, the digitization process was significantly advanced. Against this backdrop, the Internationalisation Committee of Saarland University has created a Global Classroom, within the framework of which courses are digitalized and opened to students from international partner universities.   

The concept of the Global Classroom is to bring together students and professors from Europe and other countries to teach and research in an international environment. The aim is to use the potential of digitalization for internationalization and hereby to enable joint scientific, “trans-European” work and to bring students from different regions of the world together to share their knowledge. 

The lecture will be held as a specialization course for students of the LL.M. program “European and International Law” of the Europa-Institut within the framework of specialization area 5 (Human Rights). The event is also aimed at students from our international partner universities and in particular universities.


The Global Classroom is divided in four lectures and a student conference at the end where joint group works are presented and discussed. 

  • Equality and Diversity – Protection against Discrimination by International and European Law 
  • Diversification of Societies: Migration and Asylum  
  • Challenges of Gender Equality  
  • Minority Rights  
  • Student-Conference 

For more information and to register see our Programme