The idea to support the work of libraries in the region came up quite early in the cooperation between the partners and it found incorporation with the SEE | EU Cluster of Excellence in European and International Law.

A specialised unit on SEE Law and European Law in connection with accession to the European Union and neighbour countries of the EU should be developed at all libraries of the partner institutions. Exchange of librarians, exchange of best practice, training of staff, strengthening of close cooperation of librarians, promotion of digital literature, Joint Pool of Publications, improvement of interlibrary loans – those are only some of the aspects the library cooperation within the Cluster of Excellence will focus on.

In order to facilitate fulfilment of the set goals a workshop “Cooperation of Libraries in European and International Law “ will take place in 2016 in Saarbrücken where librarians and heads of libraries of the partner institutions will gather to discuss and develop the steps for further cooperation.