Ljuben Kocev, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University Skopje, Iustinianus Primus Faculty of Law

My research stay at the Europa-Institut was an excellent and truly enriching experience for me. The access to the library and the online databases has helped me immensely in the preparations stages of the writing of my PhD thesis. The library staff vas very attentive, and they helped me access the necessary literature for my field of research. During the stay I managed to obtain literature that would be very helpful not only in the initial phase of the preparation for the thesis, but also in the later stages of the writing. I was also able to dispel some concerns which I had regarding the hypothesis of my thesis, and also narrow and streamline the focus of the research. Another positive aspect of my stay was the PhD colloquium, which overlapped with the date of my research stay. During the colloquium I had a chance to meet young researchers from different countries and get to know more about their research topics and their ideas on various fields of law. The visit to the European court of Human Rights was also very positive and unique experience. The overall experience has truly been a privilege for me, and I feel honored for the opportunity to conduct a research stay at Saarland University. I would highly recommend to fellow researchers to apply for the SEE – EU Cluster of Excellence in European and International Law Scholarship.

Research stay January/February 2020

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