Đorđe Marković, Belgrade

My one-month long research stay at the Europa-Institut was really in many ways a great experience. This was actually the second time that I was doing research at the Europa Institut – I have decided to come back for a number of reasons. The University is exceptionally well organized with friendly and attentive staff, hence you instantly feel at home. Within three available libraries, I easily managed to find a large number of useful and important books, as well as papers for my PhD thesis. In addition, getting to know colleagues from different countries and exchange experience with them was an exceptional pleasure and benefit. Finally, Saarbrücken is a wonderful little city and it is also positioned very well geographically, therefore it is easy to organize weekend excursions to surrounding countries, regions and cities. I strongly recommend to any interested Ph.D. candidates to come to the Europa-Institut.

Research stay in April 2019